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Bathroom Safety in Calgary

Bathroom Safety Aids- safety is a priority

People suffering from physical disabilities and mobility issues require extra care, whether it is about their health or their living surroundings. The bathroom is one area that contains potential safety threats, especially for elderly and physically challenged patients. Wet surfaces, water, slippery floor, fitting and fixtures make it even harder for them to move and maintain their balance. Be it taking a shower, walking all the way on a slippery floor, or sitting on or standing up from the toilet seat may cause further injury or a physical setback to their health.

The key problem areas in a bathroom include:

Flooring, Bathtubs, and shower stalls

Loose or insecure grab bars or towel racks

Low placement of Toilet seats or commode

Slippery shower chairs

Statistics reveal that over 80% of falls take place within the confines of the bathroom. Prevention is the best caution in such a scenario and under the circumstances, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Bath Seat Rental

Bathroom safety aids are a boon for people having difficulty moving or doing independent tasks. Old-age people can find these aids extremely handy and helpful. The best part is that they keep them out of harm’s way.

Kinds of Bathroom Aids:-A sneak peek

There are various kinds of bathroom safety equipment in the market which are exclusively designed to meet the different needs of physically disabled patients and the elderly. All these bathroom safety equipment is created to ensure their safety from the aforementioned bathroom pitfalls.

Some of the highly demanded bathroom safety aids are as under:-

Bathroom Safety Chairs

Tub Transfer Bench

Raised Toilet Seat with & without arms

Toilet Safety Frame

Tub Grab Bar/Safety Rail

Powered Bath Lift

Amazing benefits of Bathroom safety equipments

Bathroom safety aids offer a safe bathroom experience to people with mobility difficulties. They have proven their essence by reducing the probabilities of bathroom accidents and injuries. Installing the grab bars, toilet safety frames, bathroom safety chairs, etc. effectively prevents any fall and gives them the support to lean or maintain balance while walking on wet floors.

Raised toilet seats have eased the lives of the elderly and people suffering from arthritis or any other physical disability. Standard or low seat toilets make the sitting entirely insufferable but new toilet seats with or without arms are raised and padded which gives them both comfort as well as convenience. Another important advantage is that it gives them that much-needed sense of independence to an extent where they can rely on bathroom safety aids and do the basic chores on their own. Caregivers can also heave a sigh of relief and peace if bathroom safety equipment are installed for their loved ones having mobility issues.

The exclusive range of these safety products gives varied options to the patient and the family can install as many as they fit for them. In fact, bathroom safety chairs are perfect for people using wheelchairs as one can shift conveniently to & from the shower. Transfer benches can be adjusted according to the height and body of the user. It works really well for elderly people who can’t move as the caregiver can easily maneuver them from the wheelchair to the tub. Grab bars come in various designs and styles. One can place them anywhere as per the need of the user like a near bathtub, toilet, sink, cupboard, or shower. They can be temporarily or permanently fixed and offer safety while walking in the bathroom.

Rental Bathroom safety aids in Calgary

Bathroom safety equipment are essential for the safety of physically disabled patients and old age members of the family. There are so many kinds of products available in the market that seem ideal to fix for these patients. But the main problem in installing a large amount of equipment at the home is the cost goes beyond the budget of the middle-income class.

Medical Rental Equipment at Calgary offers these bathroom safety aids for rent at an affordable rental price. The quality of the products is also good and the delivery would also be on time. So, make the best of rental bathroom safety equipment and ensure the safety of your loved one.

Product Description Weekly Rental            Monthly Rental          Deposit*
Bath Seat $15 $30 $30
Bath Seat w. Back $15 $35 $30
Tub Transfer Bench $20 $35 $50
Raised Toilet Seat w. Arms $20 $35 $30
Raised Toilet Seat no Arms $15 $35 $30
Toilet Safety Frame $15 $35 $30
Tub Grab Bar/Safety Rail $15 $35
Powered Bath Lift $70 $250 $500

* DELIVERY or PICKUP Charges According to Equipment and Distance

** Cleaning Fees $10 are a 1 time fee when required

*** Deposit will be refunded when the items are returned.

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