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Lift Chair Rentals

Renting or purchasing a lift chair may be the right move if getting up and down from a sofa or chair does not seem as easy as it used to be, or if you or a loved one recently had surgery. Lift chairs can increase independence, safety, comfort, and convenience.

The lift chair features a generously stuffed seam back and a soft, supportive seat. In addition to reclining three ways, the lift chair allows you to get into the “full napper” position for deep comfort.

Double Seam Back Overstuffed

Quietly lift and recline with a smooth motion

Easy two-button operation

“Full Napper” Position

375 lbs. lifting capacity.

We offer the following advantages when you rent from us:

By renting a lift chair, you won’t have to commit to a long-term deal. It’s especially useful if you need it only temporarily. In the case of patients recovering from an injury or procedure, a lift chair rental may be beneficial to them as they heal. By using this equipment, you will be more comfortable and be able to move between positions safely.

The Medical Rental Equipment team is pleased to offer lift chair rentals in Calgary. The Medium lift chair is available to rent for $70 per week. A fully padded chaise, three recline positions, a weight capacity of 375 pounds, among other features, are included with this lift chair.

Our team will thoroughly clean and disinfect your lift chair before we deliver it. Our service includes setting up equipment in your home and bringing it into your home for you. Make sure everything is working properly and you know how to use the controls.

We think you’ll love your lift chair rental just like many of our customers have. You don’t have to worry; we’ll give some discount on your lift chair rental towards any purchase. It’s up to you whether you want to purchase the rental you’ve been using or if you’d rather buy a new one.

Get more information about our lift hair rentals by calling 403 475-1819.
You can reserve your lift chair by visiting our website.