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Tilt Wheelchair in Calgary

All that you wanted to know about Tilt Wheelchair

What is a Tilt Wheelchair?

Unlike a standard wheelchair, a tilt wheelchair encompasses innovative features that allow the user to adjust its seat and change its position. Long-term sick patients suffering from bedsores and old people having difficulty moving or walking would find tilt wheelchairs extremely helpful and comfortable.

It has an adjustable seat that can be tilted backward but the position remains intact. Tilt wheelchairs recline and allow the user to comfortably relax as it keeps the angles of the lower body i.e. legs, knees & hips unchanged. In this wheelchair, body weight shifts onto its rear surface.

Patients can change their position without even getting up. Today, technological advancement in medical equipment has made life and health easier for people restrained to wheelchairs for longer durations. Now, the wheelchairs are coming in various designs and with awesome features like tilt wheelchairs, reclining wheelchairs, etc.

How much tilt is effective and suitable?

Indeed, the reclining feature allows the user to tilt but the amount of tilt varies with individual patient’s needs and health conditions. If tilted to slighter angles, it enables the patients to uphold good posture and prevents them from sliding or falling. According to health surveys conducted on tilt wheelchairs, the minimum angle to maintain is 35 degrees in combination to a recline angle of 100 degrees. It is understood that keeping the tilt angle between 35 to 40 degrees is ideal for pressure relief and redistribution. Also, it improves the flow of blood to required areas.

What makes a tilt wheelchair special and advantageous?

Tilt wheelchairs have improved the lives of people suffering from physical disabilities and the elderly having mobility issues. First and foremost, it is making their sitting comfortable as when the wheelchair is tilted and reclined, it redistributes the pressure from the lower body to the posterior trunk and upper body. The patient instantly feels relief from pressure sores and restores the flow of blood to the required areas. The second advantage of a tilt wheelchair is that it reduces the fatigue one feels when sitting in an upright position. It fosters the right seating alignment and helps them in thoracic expansion. Patients suffering from respiratory or digestive diseases can prevent any lapse if they get to sit in the appropriate position and this wheelchair offers them that flexibility.

This technological boon has immensely enhanced the quality of living by making them more content, comfortable, and free. It also gives the caregiver an advantage in transferring the loved one from a wheelchair to the bed or any other place. It grants a sense of independence to the patients as they don’t have to stay bedridden all the time and opens the window of productive possibilities. It gives them a will to get better and stay healthy.

Wheelchair Tilt/Recline
Tilt wheelchairs on rent- Check it out!!

Every caregiver wants to give his/her patient the best medical facilities but unfortunately, the purchasing cost of the medical equipment is very high, especially technically advanced wheelchairs. Many people could not afford their high costs and had to compromise.

Don’t worry!! Medical rental equipment in Calgary offers amazing solutions to all your equipment problems. Tilt wheelchairs for rent are one of the best solutions and a smart choice. Check out the rental prices and the specification of the tilt wheelchair as per the needs of the patient. It would be cost-effective and ideal in all kinds of circumstances. Medical rental Equipment is one of the reputed vendors in Calgary for its timely delivery and best rental prices.

Pin Points:

The curved rocker arm allows the seat to rotate and align as per the needs of the patient.

The Center of Rotation enhances the safety of the patient.

Comfortable and adjustable

Allows the perfect means to change the position and shift the lower body weight

Product Description Daily Rental           Weekly Rental            Monthly Rental          Deposit* Replacement Cost
Tilt Wheelchair $200 $300

* DELIVERY or PICKUP Charges According to Equipment and Distance

** Cleaning Fees $10 are a 1 time fee when required

*** Deposit will be refunded when the items are returned.

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