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Walkers on Rent

Walkers – a reliable mobility device during challenging times

As you start leaning towards your old age, joint pains, arthritis and age disorders start weakening your body system and one usually finds difficulty in walking. During such times, walkers offer them mobility, independence and security. The demand for walkers has been consistently high as it has proven their effectiveness as an ideal assisting device to get around within closed premises or open areas.

Moreover, it is helpful for patients undergoing physical therapies after major surgeries like knee, hip or ankle as they are not allowed to put pressure on their injured organ. With the aid of walkers, they get support and stability while moving. It aids in recuperating the affected limbs and body parts by offering the vital assistance one needs while walking.

Make the best and right use of the walker

Walkers prevent the patients from falling and further damaging the already wounded area or body part. Physical therapists and doctors guide the patients in choosing the right walker and how to walk using a walker. There are various kinds of walkers available in the market. It includes a standard walker, a two-wheel walker with seat, a three-wheel walker, four wheel walker with seat and then there is a knee walker. Choose the walker depending on the needs of the patient in terms of weight bearing, maneuverability, foot/knee rest, stability, and balance support. They come in different designs and features.


Patients having extreme difficulty in maintaining balance while walking can lean on the standard walkers for stability and balance. However, a standard walker is not appropriate for moving longer distances.


Walkers assist in moving from one place to another with ease and independence. One can put their body weight on walkers while moving. Walkers with seats are flexible and work best for elderlies who need assisted devices to walk and do chores. Users can sit on the seats provided to them, and do shopping also as they have got a basket attached with them. The adjustability option allows them to change their height according to age groups and the height of the user. They are lighter in weight and allow you to move easily around narrow lanes and compact places.

Work well in indoor places

If the floor surface is flat and not rough, it can move swiftly also as per the need and convenience of the user. It offers patients a sense of autonomy and actually reduces the burden of the caretakers a lot.
Walkers on rent

If the patient is just in recovery after an accident, surgery, or injury, then walkers play a vital role in helping them walk again. The feasible option is to take walkers on rent depending on the needs and situation of the patient. It would save cost, effort, and space. Some of the Rollator walkers like 4-wheel walkers with seats come at high prices due to their impressive features. The rental option would be a smart choice.

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Pin points

Padded seat

Lockable hand brakes

Storage basket


Product Description Daily Rental Weekly Rental            Monthly Rental          Deposit*
Standing Walkers $10 $20 $35 $40

* DELIVERY or PICKUP Charges According to Equipment and Distance

** Cleaning Fees $10 are a 1 time fee when required

*** Deposit will be refunded when the items are returned.

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