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WheelChair Rentals

The essence of Wheelchair – Why & When?

A wheelchair is a miraculous device that facilitates mobility and convenience for patients and people who face walking difficulties due to injuries or paralysis. It offers effective assistance in conducting their daily chores and confidence to improve their quality of living. Patients suffering from paralysis, muscular dystrophy, paraplegia, etc or temporary hindrances like fractures, sprain and joint pains often rely on wheelchairs to work, socialize and commute. In addition to this, wheelchairs also act as transport chairs in hospitals and homes where they are used temporarily to move patients from one place to another.
Hospitals, clinics, airports, commercial establishments, institutions, airports, railway stations, etc. keep wheelchairs for disabled and elderly people. It is an unspoken mandate that needs to be warranted at all these places. Statistics reveal that about 1.85% of the global population needs a wheelchair.

Is a wheelchair appropriate for all?

There are different kinds of wheelchairs available in the market depending on the requirements of an individual patient. Some of the general kinds include Standard wheelchairs, wheelchair recline, wheelchair bariatric and tilting wheelchairs. It is important to understand which wheelchair meets the health and lifestyle requirements of the patient. For instance, whether it is aptly fitting and renders the right posture and support; whether it can be reclined or tilted depending on the mobility of the patient. One must check for its ‘Pressure relief feature’ before picking the appropriate wheelchair for the patient. Technology has incredibly reformed the appearance and operational features of a basic wheelchair.

Check out the extraordinary benefits of the wheelchair

Wheelchairs have opened the door to a happy life for disabled people. Now, it is not just a transport chair. It comes in different designs that allow adjustments and vary with its purpose. Adjustable wheelchairs like tilting wheelchairs or bariatric wheelchairs can be customized to the needs of long-term use patients. Wheelchairs can be used for sports and recreational purposes also by disabled patients. It has offered these patients wings to fulfill their dreams and aspirations.

Due to wheelchairs, people having health conditions and disabilities have gained independence in their lives. It has positively affected their mental health and allows them to participate in community activities. Moreover, it has mitigated the burden of attendants and caretakers as patients can easily use the wheelchair with minimal support from another person. Additionally, the new versions of wheelchair that are available are safe, durable and prevent further injuries. Wheelchairs are extremely handy and play a key role in reducing healthcare expenses and financial weaknesses. The best part is they offer hope to disabled people and augment their quality of life.

Wheelchair on Rent – Best option

As per surveys, it is discovered that many people in the world are in dire need of a wheelchair but don’t have the financial strength and access to these mobility devices. In such scenarios, rental wheelchairs are the best feasible options available. The only thing needed is to look for the right specifications that fit the patient and order them at rental prices. It would be economically viable and shall effectively serve the purpose for as long as one needs.

The out-front challenge is to seek the best vendor for wheelchairs on rent in Calgary and other eminent cities. Medical Rental Equipment Calgary has emerged to be a trustworthy supplier for its quality medical equipment, timely delivery and personalized attention.

Pin points

Ideal for rough environment and surfaces

Compact and flexible

Effective wheelbase and safety on wheels

Highly Adjustable

Product Description Daily Rental           Weekly Rental            Monthly Rental          Deposit*
Wheelchair Standard $10 $30 $90 $150
Transport Chairs $15 $45 $90 $150
Wheelchair Bariatric $15 $40 $90 $200
Wheelchair Recline $150 $250
Elevating Leg Rest. $5 $10 $20 $50

* DELIVERY or PICKUP Charges According to Equipment and Distance

** Cleaning Fees $10 are a 1 time fee when required

*** Deposit will be refunded when the items are returned.

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